Regulile Serverului! CITITI!

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Regulile Serverului! CITITI!

Post  [SFR]FLoRyN on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:51 pm

Please read the RULES before playing!

Don't deathmatch which includes:
- Don't use minigun
-You can dm just in special locations read /teles
-If you random dm you will be warned/banned

No spamming/advertising which includes:

- Posting the same or similar content many times.
- Advertising your or anothers business/server/project ect..
- Advertising anything other to do with SFR.

No Cheating/Abusing which includes:

- Any kind of tools or mods that may give you an unfair advantage to another member. (Always check 99.9% that if you are using a cleo mod, it does not give an unfair advantage).
- Abusing a bug of any sort which another player may feel unhappy about.

Do not disrepect another player which incudes:

- Mocking ( 2 warnings then timeban )
- Racism ( Automatic timeban then automatic permenant ban. )
- Bullying ( Strict warning then/or timeban.)
- Threatening ( Warning then/or timeban. )

Respect Server which includes..

- Not abusing any bugs that may have been found - report them asap. ( Failure to do so may result in ban. )
- Do not post in main chat links to reports. Admins will read them when possible.
- Avoid using caps lock.
- Avoid always using inapropriate words.
- No mature Content/porn (videos, images, sites ect..)
- No Copyright File Sharing.
- Not posing links in the main chat.
- Not abusing any bugs that have been found. ( Report them ASAP )

Please abyde by the rules and enjoy!

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